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2001 N Sepulveda Blvd, Suite C

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


466 Foothill Blvd, Suite B

La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011


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Basic Manicure/ Pedicure

There’s nothing basic about our simple yet, rejuvenating treatment. Soak your tired hands and feet in our signature citrus concoction of organic, all-natural extracts and oils, with real slices of oranges and/or lemons. Bring out the "glow" in your skin with our salt scrub, hot towel, and let us massage away any impurities with our Color Me Green signature lotion, high in antioxidants and moisturizing Free-Trade Shea Butter to help stimulate your skin, relieve muscle aches, increase circulation and cell growth

Manicure Only ---------------------------------------------------$20

Pedicure Only ---------------------------------------------------$27

Manicure & Pedicure Combo --------------------------------------$45


Manicure/ Pedicure Treatment

Feel refreshed, reinvigorate your senses and leave renewed with our fruit infused fresh salt soak, invigorating scrub charged with a hint of eucalyptus, high in antioxidant green tea mint calming foot masque, hot towel, and an exhilarating massage with a touch of marine moisture.

Manicure Only --------------------------------------------------$30

Pedicure Only --------------------------------------------------$40

Manicure & Pedicure Combo -------------------------------------$68


Manicure/ Pedicure For Men

Believe it or not, real men DO get their nails taken care of. Our treatment for men is in every sense of the word “masculine.” Soak your overworked feet in an exhilarating marine blend of salts rich in minerals, detoxifying sea plants and purifying essential oils. We'll work to eliminate any rough, cracked heels and/or callouses with a bamboo salt exfoliant infused with orange blossom extracts, hot towel, and a deep massage with an uplifting citrus infused lotion to restore mental awareness.

Manicure --------------------------------------------------------$19

Pedicure --------------------------------------------------------$25

Manicure/Pedicure Combo ----------------------------------------$42

We’re excited over our maternity treatment that also, caters to nursing moms who are conscious of what they pass on to their little bundle. “Breathe" was created to accommodate women who are sensitive to scents, smells and are experiencing hypersensitive skin conditions. When you're feeling sleep deprived, weighed down and just in desperate need to be taken away from your 24 hour duty, let us soak your overworked, swollen or tired feet in an energy releasing salt blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, sweet basil, and fresh mint leaves, gentle exfoliant and masque, luke-warm towel (for heat-sensitive mothers-to-be), a gentle massage from the knees down to the ankles, and a pure relaxation blend moisturizing lotion for that little extra attention

Manicure --------------------------------------------------------$22

Pedicure --------------------------------------------------------$28

Manicure/Pedicure Combo ----------------------------------------$48


*Please Note: Low-pressure massage will be applied for pregnant women. Please notify your technician of any sensitivity you may be experiencing.


Manicure/ Pedicure Treatment for

Mothers-To-Be & Nursing Moms


Manicure/ Pedicure For Kids

“Do as I say, not as I do” does not apply here. Share the pampered experience with your tot. Let us soak their delicate hands and feet in our bubble bath enriched with gentle extracts of chamomile, aloe vera and comfrey. Then we'll spoil them with a soothing, tender massage with a delicate blend of apricot, orange and lavender blended lotion.

Manicure --------------------------------------------------------$12

Pedicure --------------------------------------------------------$16

Manicure/Pedicure Combo ----------------------------------------$26


Luxury Treatment

For the ultimate balance of mind, body and soul, our signature treatment is pure Zen. The term “walking on water” can definitely apply here. Experience a soak unlike any other--in our tea bag filled with whole leaf green tea, Dead Sea salts, and Verbena, Become mesmerized as you play with fresh fruit slices. Feel weightless as we exfoliate with a lemon cucumber bamboo salt scrub and hot towel; then, feel your skin become revived in our unscented Alaskan mineral mud mask and hot paraffin treatment. Feel overall balance with Eastern Zen; wellness lotion mixed with green tea, lemongrass, ginger and mandarin. All, will be right once again, in your world

Manicure --------------------------------------------------------$40

Pedicure --------------------------------------------------------$48

Manicure/Pedicure Combo ----------------------------------------$86

Can't seem to make your nail polish last? Or, just looking for a healthy alternative to acrylics? No problem. Our chip proof nail gel promotes a healthier alternative to the days of harsh chemicals and drills. This durable gel strengthens while letting your nail beds breathe and is natural looking. So the days of smudging, chipping and peeling nail polish are over! Feel free to reach into your bag for your own keys. It dries that fast! Get the nails you've only ever dreamed about.

Gel Overlay --------------------------------------------------$50

Gel Fill --------------------------------------------------------$30


Gel Overlay

Being green means we care!

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